How to raise boys that read.

In reading a previously-posted conversation with Jonathan Franzen, I was surprised to read that the majority of fiction readers are females. What do males read? I wondered. As it turns out, maybe nothing.

There’s a surprising (to me) male-female literacy gap in this country, across all ethnic/socioeconomic strands, that “happens to coincide with the proliferation of video games and other electronic forms of entertainment over the last decade or two”.

In response, the kid lit establishment has turned to books like “The Day My Butt Went Psycho” to get boys reading. The author’s got a better idea.

My 10th graders and I held differing opinions of this series.

Marilyn, August 1953.

Marilyn, August 1953.

a typeface made of earrings. via Hjarta Smarta.

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Less is more

Lifehacker takes multitasking to task, if you will, and outlines how to turn yourself into a singletasker.



Taking a time out…


Sometimes, Gary explained to Elaine, a man just needs to grab one of his books under glass, sit under his antlers, and relax.